Jabar Mulia (JMI) has a Spare Parts Administrative Department, based at the Jakarta Head Office, acting as the back room business processing centre (in many cases as call centre) to facilitate customer service and follow up with the principals.

Our efficient and cordial administrative staff of this department shall ensure the smooth and speedy flow of all the information and documents pertaining to any enquiries and orders patronized by our customers. They act as the administrative support to our other sales executives who also promote the actual sales of spare parts and accessories besides machinery, but more often, handle all direct spare parts enquiries from all the customers. We pledge to service all our customers with the utmost caring and responsive approach.

JMI has at present 3 sales persons actively running the market on accessories, and spinning components, besides the machinery sales persons. Other service engineers/technicians who regularly visit customers on technical matters are more than happy in a position to assist in giving their suggestions/recommendations as regard the procurement of the right types of spare parts to use. Lately, promotion of genuine quality spare parts has become more and more important. Due considerations has been included further strengthening this sphere of activity, both by JMI and also many of our principals.

Special 'rebate schemes' (based on total annual purchase) are sometimes offered by some of our principals to encourage loyal customers whose annual purchases exceed a certain quantity.

Enquires of spare parts through Internet service is also available, with Saurer Groups' SECOS system leading the way. We expect many more of our other forward looking principals will follow suit soon.

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