Technical Support

All the Service Stations are attached to our Bandung Branch Office (except the new Promatech Showroom), and are staffed with qualified Service Managers, & Engineers/ Technicians, both from overseas and local.

In fact, some are directly under the management of our various principals, assisted by JMI, to carry out out-station and on-station service jobs. These stations are well equipped with the necessary calibration panels for checking electronic/printed circuits and repair works, so vital for modern machinery incorporating computer and sensor controls. Also, we always keep a good list of stock of important components and parts for necessary prompt and emergency services. Thereby ensuring reliability and availability to all customers concerned.

Over years, our customers have found JMI's and our principals' service very helpful in ensuring the least trouble and uninterrupted running of their machinery.

Hence over a period of two decades, JMI has built up a reputable service organization, to complement its machinery sales. These include the following:

  • Schlafhorst fully equipped & staffed service station for Autoconer 138, 238, and 338, and Autocoro.
  • Schlafhorst training centre at Bandung Textile Institute, STTT, running training courses.
  • Trützschler service centre with expatriate and local engineers for mechanical, electronic services.
  • Zinser service station, with traveling technicians, and stocks of parts.
  • Kusters and Sperroto Rima technicians, serving the dyeing & finishing sector, both local and overseas.
  • R&F ring and travelers, a full range of travelers, and spinning accessories are available on stock.

In addition to above, JMI is proud to announce that we shall, starting mid 2002, set up a NEW service stations in Bandung for

  • TCC, with fully equipped metallic wire mounting and grinding machines, & emergency stock of m.c.c. wires. Also, a mobile technician will call on customers regularly, to service all parts of Java.

We cordially extend our welcome to all our customers who might wish to call on our various service stations, for whatever requests you might have, even if just to see the physical setup.

Over years these stations have been close partners of many of our loyal clients. No doubt, we and our business associates will further collaborate to see this bond strengthened, as we move into a service-orientated era of business undertaking.

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